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Your customers are getting more demanding every day. They want your products and services to be accessible to them night and day. Being able to communicate in real-time with them and build and retain their loyalty is vital.

To put this into context, think how annoying it is when a sales assistant ignores you when you're waiting to make a purchase? It's becoming the same online; if a customer takes the effort to tell you they're interested in your product you need to respond straight away.

It's even more important to be quick off the mark when you're trying to win new customers.

You need to act fast to make the most of such opportunities, whether that's through mobile, internet, postal or telephone marketing.

Lifestyles Online Ireland can put partners in front of live prospects immediately after they become a qualified lead.

In fact, in many cases Lifestyles Online Ireland deliver qualified leads resulting in new customers just minutes after their positive opt-in registers.