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  Supplying high quality targeted email, telephone and postal data, working with agencies and clients directly to find the best most responsive data for their on- and offline marketing campaigns.

Contact DataXcel to deliver more customers to your business.
Telephone Data
Our Telephone data is 80% mobile, 20% landline and is validated in real time to ensure all telephone numbers are contactable. Again highly selectable and achieving great results.
Postal Data
DataXcel can provide data for addressed campaigns and can also deliver demographic profiling for any addressed channels such as door to door, inserts etc. We can show you where to spend your media budget by identifying high geo concentrations of your most profitable prospects.

Email Data
DataXcel can provide email data for both the Irish and UK markets. With over .5 million active email addresses in Ireland and 1.5million active in the UK we can segment, target and deploy your campaigns.
Multi-Channel Marketing
This is the only database in Ireland which collects a Telephone No, Email and Postal record for each data user so you could for example: Email a curious message two days in advance of a direct mail piece dropping and then follow up the consumer with a telephone call to obtain maximum results from our data.
Request A Count
All our data is Opt In and DP Complaint. We are happy to run bespoke counts for any campaign no matter how wide or niche the target group. Please click here for a count and we will get back to you within 24 hours but usually within 2 to 6 hours.